What is virtual surgery?

What is virtual surgery?

Virtual surgery is known to be a virtual simulation of reality regarding surgical procedures such as open heart surgery, gastric bypass, laser hair removal, root canal, c-section, knee surgery and tattoo removal. In simple words, virtual surgery is a type of computer assisted surgery to train surgeons or doctors for the real surgery. You can find virtual surgery games over the internet and try this virtual surgery at home for sure.

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Most important, as well as stunning part of this type of surgery, is that you can control the surgery situation and can become your surgeon for sure. This very procedure has a very detailed explanation in the start along with some very useful safety guidelines...

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What is plastic surgery and it started?

Plastic surgery is a very well known plastic procedure to restore body form. It is said that the history of plastic surgery dates back to 2000 BC. During that period, Edwin Smith Papyrus was known as a very renowned transcription of a medical text by ancient Egyptian experts. In this transcription, there were mentioned some very useful treatments regarding the plastic repair, or you can say plastic surgery of one’s nose. Later in 800 BC, different techniques about the reconstructive surgery were being introduced in India. Name of Sushruta was very prominent during those times in the field of both cataract and plastic surgery. Sushruta was a very renowned physician during 6th century BC. During that period, another physician was also of the Dame fame.

He was Charak...

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What are the most widely used procedures of plastic surgery?

  • As you all know that there are so many procedures of plastic surgery. Here we will tell you top used procedures.
  • Among all the procedures as well as practices of plastic surgery, some procedures are very widely used around the globe. Have a look at all these procedures!
  • Facelift surgery comes on top in this regard. In face lift surgery, old and dull face skin is transformed into fresh and young one. This type of surgery is very well used among females as they don’t want to look old. When a female touches the age of 30 or 40, wrinkles start to appear on her face. To get rid of these wrinkles and deadly skin, some females go for undergoing facelift surgery.
  • A nose job is a very common and very well used procedure of plastic surgery...
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Useful tips about recovery after plastic surgery

  • Care is also important after you have gone through the surgery procedure. Otherwise, you will have to face some serious issues.
  • Plastic surgery is not a simple process as it includes so many tough levels. Normally, people think that care is needed only during the plastic surgery procedure. This is not true at all because you have to take a good care of yourselves after you have gone through the surgery procedure. We are here to tell you that how you can keep yourself away from any health issue in this regard. These useful tips will help you a lot throughout your recovery period.
  • You should not take your good care only after the procedure. It is very important to do all the basic things some days before the procedure...
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Weight loss surgery important questions

There are so many important questions regarding weight loss surgery, and you must have answers to all these questions. Below mentioned are some common questions in this regard. Have a look.

What is the best time for weight loss surgery?

No one will recommend you to undergo weight loss surgery because of the risks tagged with it. But if your BMI is more than 35 along with obesity then you perfect to go for any weight loss surgery.

Is there any risk involved in surgery?

Yes! Risks are always there with any plastic surgery. If something goes wrong with you or your surgeon, then you will face possible complications.

How much weight can someone lose after weight loss surgery?

You can easily lose a big amount of weight for at least one to two years after the surgery procedure...

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